Caleb Williams


Mr. Williams holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Mechanical Engineering from Southern Illinois University Edwardsville (SIUE) and an Associate of Science degree in Engineering Science from Illinois Central College (ICC). Mr. Williams gained mechanical design and CAD experience at eServ, LLC where he participated on design teams for customers in the automotive, manufacturing and industrial sectors. At eServ, he redesigned a bulldozer body in order to incorporate a new engine package and then managed the build of 16 prototype and pre-production bulldozers, troubleshooting and recommending design revisions throughout the process. He also helped to develop a motorcycle rear suspension system, focusing on the internal transmission design and its alignment with the rear suspension system.

Most recently, Mr. Williams served as a mechanic on various NHRA Drag Racing teams. He set up clutch components to exact specifications; inspected, serviced and rebuilt all drive train components including rearends, reversers and the brake system; built piston and connecting rod assemblies to specification; and mounted, balanced and serviced the tires and rims of the racecar. While with NHRA, Mr. Williams obtained his CDL and drove cars and equipment cross country, logging about 50,000 miles per year.

He also worked as a construction laborer, performing top man responsibilities as part of a pipe laying crew. He poured concrete for highways all the way down to sidewalks, was responsible for checking grades and performed traffic control duties. He has successfully completed a Geometric Dimensioning & Tolerancing course. Mr. Williams is an avid motorcyclist and enjoys racing in his spare time.

Mr. Williams will perform accident reconstruction investigations, focusing on cars, motorcycles, heavy vehicles and tractor trailers; vehicle systems failure analysis; automotive safety consultations; mechanical failure analysis, including issues of maintenance; and tire and wheel inspections. He will assist the design team by providing CAD and 3D modeling support, mechanical design, machining prototype parts and testing support.