Commercial Vehicles

Jim Casassa | Bill Dickinson | Andy Sievers


Commercial Vehicle AccidentDue to the immense size of commercial vehicles, they have the potential to cause greater harm when involved in a collision or other incident. Because of this fact, greater emphasis is placed on the safety with the focus on maintenance and operating conditions.

The Federal government requires that commercial vehicles be maintained in safe operating condition and that the driver conduct an inspection of the vehicle prior to the start of each trip.

Brakes and wheels are the components whose neglect most often results in serious injury and property damage.  Air brake systems must be regularly checked and preventative maintenance performed to ensure the system remains in top working order. Worn out brake shoes, excessive free play (“slack”), and non-functioning slack adjusters are some of the parts that commonly lead to a situation where the driver is unable to stop in a safe distance.  Improperly secured wheel nuts or poorly maintained wheel bearings can result in a wheel and tire assembly weighing more than 500 pounds careening down the road.








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