Top 5 Things to Know About Event (Crash) Data Recorders

Vehicle Event Data Recorders contain a wealth of data a qualified accident reconstructionist can use to support their crash event analysis.

1. Most, but not all, recently manufactured passenger vehicles and light and heavy trucks have some type of recorded data. The nature of the data varies depending on the system. There are several types of modules and devices that may contain this evidence. Technicians and analysts must know how to access and image each of these modules or devices.Continue reading

Wolf Focus Report: Case review of motorcyclist vs. utility service truck driver

Case summary:

A group of motorcyclists are traveling westbound along a winding rural highway in southern Indiana. Near the back of the group, one rider began his approach into a right curve. At the same time, an electric utility service truck traveling eastbound entered the opposite side of the curve. The motorcyclist collided with the left side of the truck. The motorcyclist survived but had his left leg detached. The truck driver was uninjured.Continue reading

Limitations of Event (Crash) Data Recorders

Limitations of Event (Crash) Data Recorders

While data from Crash Data Recorders, also known as EDRs (Event Data Recorders), can be significant for accident reconstructionists, it has its limitations. In this report we study several cases where this data could be deceptive without considering all of the available evidence.Continue reading