Forensic Engineering

Head-On-Collision-In-Construction-Zone-Truck-and-CarWolf Technical Services is a multi-faceted forensic engineering company specializing in all types of vehicular accident reconstruction, product failure analysis, civil/structural & industrial issues as well as human factors, visibility, photogrammetry, trial animations and exhibits and image, audio and video analysis.

Our engineers and investigators use state of the art investigation and reconstruction tools, and download crash data from the various "black box" data collection systems (CDR, EDR, SDM, ECM, etc.). Our broad spectrum team of mechanical, automotive, civil and biomechanical engineers as well as physicists and graphics specialists provide a comprehensive case review to evaluate such factors as road defects, day and night time visibility, component failure and construction zone issues. The accident reconstruction analysis can be converted to a 2D or 3D animation using HVE and Hyper Video; both are powerful tools in mediation and in the courtroom. Wolf also offers expertise in premise safety, including slip, trip and fall as well as truck driving safety and regulations.

The nationally recognized Wolf accident reconstruction team proudly includes two of the top visibility experts in the country and has experience working in all 50 states as well as internationally. Wolf's forensic engineering group is built on a foundation of integrity in practice and has a strong reputation based on our professionalism, exceptional skills, recognized experts and the value for our partners in both the legal and insurance industries.

Working With Wolf’s Experts


  • Over 40  years of experience in accident reconstruction, trucking litigation and product liability.
  • Over 4,700  clients in the legal and insurance markets.
  • Cases worked in all 50 states plus several internationally
  • Over 25,000  cases resulting in hundreds of millions of dollars in defense savings and plaintiff compensation.
  • Over 200 years of combined accident reconstruction, forensic, and engineering experience.