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Wolf Technical Services
13097 Parkside Drive
Fishers, Indiana 46038

Founded in 1977, Wolf Technical Services is dedicated to engineering excellence.  Wolf operates within two primary areas of expertise:  Forensic Investigations and Engineering Design.  Wolf is proud to have served our clients and communities for over 40 years.  As we look to the future, we are focused on continuous improvement by ensuring the retention of professional and competent people, enhancing our facilities and equipment, and exploring new ways to add value for our clients.

Forensic Investigations

Our team uses science to investigate and reconstruct accidents or failures and determine the cause and liability of an event. We specialize in accident reconstruction, fire & explosion investigations, premises liability, product failure analysis, civil, structural, water/wastewater and industrial issues. Our investigators can respond quickly to your needs, performing a survey of the accident site, vehicle inspections including restraints, seats and tire/wheels, downloading or imaging the crash data from the “black box”, and documenting or preserving evidence. Wolf engineers and reconstructionists provide a comprehensive case review to evaluate such factors as road defects, construction zone setup and maintenance issues, day and night time visibility, conspicuity, injury causation, occupant dynamics and component failure. Their analysis can be converted to a 2D or 3D animation using the physics-based model HVE or realistic HyperVideo; both are powerful tools in mediation and in the courtroom.

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Engineering Design

Wolf engineering design services range from mechanical and electrical engineering to biomedical and manufacturing engineering. Our multi-faceted team of engineers, designers and physicists perform product development across many markets including medical, military and industrial applications. Our team has a diverse background including expertise in cruise missile guidance systems, electromechanical design, electro-optics, optical design, test equipment design, control systems, instrumentation, biomedical device design, acoustical design, automotive lighting design and image processing. Wolf delivers highly integrated, cost effective and innovative solutions. We also offer a full complement of 3D computer-aided design and drawing services using SolidWorks, Pro/Engineer and AutoCAD. Wolf custom designs, automates and instruments our own test equipment. We have a CNC Mill, CNC Lathe, Engine Lathe and two 3D printers on site to aid us in developing test equipment and prototyping.