Visibility & Lighting

Wolf's visibility and lighting casework includes:

  • Vehicle crashes
  • Pedestrian strikes
  • Slip, trip and falls
  • Headlight design and performance
  • Railroad grade crossings
  • Human factors
  • Line of sight issues
  • Glare effect on vision
  • Weather influences on vision
  • Conspicuity issues
  • Stereoscopic depth perception

Wolf's visibility experts have extensive experience with issues related to lighting, optics, conspicuity, line of sight and human factors. Our senses link us to the outside world. Vision is the richest of the human senses. We are highly dependent on seeing to perform many activities such as operating motor vehicles, walking, reading, etc. Light is the basic stimulus for vision. Understanding how light behaves in the environment is the first key to understanding visibility.

In addition, we must understand the optics, the basic physiology of the human eye and how these visual systems process the light stimuli to produce the final perception.

Forensic Visibility Factors