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medical-malpracticeWe develop the full range of Trial Graphics products, including court animations, courtroom displays, court scale models, HyperVideo, ePortfolios, and more. We provide consulting services for clients wanting assistance with developing a demonstrative evidence strategy. We have developed trial exhibits for many forms of complex litigation, including contracts, criminal, personal injury, property, products, medical, industrial, construction, and commercial vehicle.

Wolf has long been a leading developer of Trial Graphics, also known as Demonstrative Evidence. We work closely with litigation teams to support the testifiers' need to educate jurors. We understand how jurors best learn complex information so that they understand and remember our client's story. We prefer to deal with complex and technical issues because these are the ones where we can be of most benefit to our clients. We work closely with experts in- and out-of-house to ensure our portrayals' veracity. We excel at making the complex understandable.

Our experience and libraries of past work ensure efficient production. We understand issues related to admissibility, discovery, evidence spoliation, and confidentiality. We understand the laws of physics and do not break them. We are accurate and precise. We are accustomed to a litigation team’s need for timely performance and hard deadlines.

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