Product Defects and Liability

Wolf has played a key role on both sides of this issue for our attorney and insurance clients, using proven scientific methods and the experience of many such cases to thoroughly investigate the facts to determine the root cause of the incident and the true sequence of events involved. Because we also design and develop products, we can determine if the failure is due to a manufacturing defect, a design flaw or because of inadequate user instructions/warnings. We have learned to depend on the products we use every day to perform as advertised and warranted by the manufacturer. When these products fail, there are consequences that may cause injury, or worse.

Product liability cases we have worked include:

  • Automotive equipment such as airbags
  • Medical devices and equipment
  • Electronics
  • Home appliances such as lawn mowers, furnaces and water heaters
  • Industrial equipment such as large equipment, conveyor systems, printing presses and jack stands
  • Mechanical systems such as commercial garage doors
  • Hunting or outdoor equipment such as tree stands and firearms
  • Materials such as paint and drain cleaner
  • Race track fencing
  • Race cars
  • Mining dump truck tires
  • Manufacturing process equipment such as hydraulic parts presses, conveyor systems and plywood laminator
  • Personal appliances such as curling irons and heating pads