Wolf’s Michael S. Harkness now a Certified Vehicle Fire Investigator

3D Laser Scan Crash Visualizations

Wolf has always prided itself for our ability to integrate diverse talents and technologies to create new and useful tools for our clients. Watch this video to see how we combined a 3D laser scan of a site with simulation vehicle dynamics, camera motions, and computer generated objects.

Aerial Video

Two of Wolf’s investigators, Joe Hubert and Mike Harkness, are FAA Certified Remote Pilots. This authorizes them to operate Wolf’s quadcopter UAS (unmanned aircraft system) to capture images and video footage at incident sites, such as vehicular crashes, fires and construction sites. We then use this footage for analysis and presentations.

The advantages of using a UAS for image and video acquisition include:

·      Safety. Many incident sites are unsafe because of structural integrity loss from explosions and fires or inaccessibility.

·      Efficiency. Capturing evidence data may be done more quickly using a quadcopter than by conventional methods.

·      Comprehensiveness. Sometimes UAS technology can capture and preserve critical data that cannot be captured in any other way.

·      Effectiveness. When it’s important for viewers to be able to see site details quadcopters offer views not available by ground-based methods.

FAA Certified Remote Pilots must follow strict FAA rules to operate the UAS. Mike and Joe follow these rules to ensure full FAA compliance and the integrity of their investigations.

Wolf Received ISO 9001:2015 Certification

Wolf Technical Services, Inc. announced that it has received ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management System (QMS) Certification (No. 5139, Eagle Registrations, Inc.). The scope of registration comprises the design, development, test and oversight of the manufacturing of products for military and commercial applications.

Certificate (pdf): Wolf ISO CERT Exp 06222018


Top 5 Things to Know About Event (Crash) Data Recorders

Vehicle Event Data Recorders contain a wealth of data a qualified accident reconstructionist can use to support their crash event analysis.

1. Most, but not all, recently manufactured passenger vehicles and light and heavy trucks have some type of recorded data. The nature of the data varies depending on the system. There are several types of modules and devices that may contain this evidence. Technicians and analysts must know how to access and image each of these modules or devices.Continue reading

Wolf Focus Report: Case review of motorcyclist vs. utility service truck driver

Case summary:

A group of motorcyclists are traveling westbound along a winding rural highway in southern Indiana. Near the back of the group, one rider began his approach into a right curve. At the same time, an electric utility service truck traveling eastbound entered the opposite side of the curve. The motorcyclist collided with the left side of the truck. The motorcyclist survived but had his left leg detached. The truck driver was uninjured.Continue reading