Timothy Maher, M.S., M.S.Ed.


Mr. Maher has extensive experience performing forensic analysis of images and videos, including surveillance videos. This work provides critical reconstruction information, including distances, speeds and paths of vehicles and pedestrians. Video quality can also be enhanced. He also conducts photogrammetric analysis on images to calculate unknown measurements.

Mr. Maher also provides services related to the art and science of making complex information understandable and usable. His domains include litigation services, medical education and engineering visualizations. He holds multiple university degrees related to media production, education and engineering.

Mr. Maher provides a full range of demonstrative evidence / trial graphics consultation and development services for litigation trials and alternate dispute resolution. He has developed unique methods for portraying complex litigation events that have resulted in numerous favorable judgments and settlements for our clients. He works closely with Team Wolf members, as well as with outside technical experts.

Mr. Maher is the author of Demonstrative Evidence for Complex Litigation: A Practical Guide, by Lawyers & Judges Publishing. He has served as faculty and course developer for several lawyer education organizations. Read Tim's white paper: How Jurors Learn